Cemetery Lots/Columbarium

West Nottingham Cemetery is located at:Cemetery
1195 Firetower Road, Colora, MD 21917
Telephone: 410-658-0108

Notification with regard to opening a grave for interment or for lot sales will be received at West Nottingham Cemetery. Answer machine is always left on and is checked often throughout the day. Please leave a message if no one answers the telephone.

To facilitate mowing and to take proper care of West Nottingham Cemetery, this is a reminder that all plantings and ornamentations must be kept within one foot of the headstones, as stated on the deed of the grave site. No glass containers are allowed during mowing season. Any plantings or ornamentations that cause problems with the mowing and are not within the one foot of a headstone will be taken off of the grave site.

Sexton: Thomas Carr

Effective June 1, 2018, the following prices are in effect in
West Nottingham Cemetery:

Grave Spaces:
Single Grave Space $950.00
2 Grave Spaces $1,650.00
3 Grave Spaces $2,350.00
4 Grave Spaces $3,050.00
5 Grave Spaces (full lot) $3,750.00
All of the above prices include burial rights, perpetual care, and cornerstones.

Opening Graves:
Adult $850.00
Baby $400.00
Cremation $350.00
Double Depth $1,500.00

There is an additional charge of $200.00 for opening or closing graves on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday. This addition also applies to baby and cremation openings.

$.65 per square inch – this applies to all stones, regardless of size.
$15.00 for a concrete base for bronze veteran’s markers. This is in addition to the cost of the foundation. We charge the price we pay for the bases, so this may change every time we get new ones.

Purchase Price per Niche: $1,300.00
Interment: $200.00 per opening
Niche Capacity: Not more than two containers capable of fitting into the niche.

Engraving is strictly limited to family name, given name, date of birth and death.  Cost Columbarium Picof engraving is additional to all costs listed above.

All niches are available on a first available basis.  While it is the intent of the West Nottingham Property Committee to purchase additional columbaria, there is no guarantee that additional units after this first unit will be available.

A bud vase, available for an additional cost, may be permitted on the niche door after approval by the West Nottingham Church Session. Seasonal flowers capable of being placed into the bud vase will be permitted so long as they are maintained.  No other niche ornamentation will be permitted.  Initial flowers from memorial services will be permitted adjacent to the columbarium, but will be removed by cemetery staff as directed by the Property Committee.

See the link below to view the records from West Nottingham Cemetery: