Childcare Center

Director of Childcare – Janice Moore
Telephone: 410-658-9797

West Nottingham Presbyterian Church Child Care Center has been in existence for many years. It prides itself on providing a safe and educationally sound environment for the children involved. The Center is licensed by the State of Maryland. This means the building and the staff meet standards set by the state and are monitored on a regular basis. The Center is issued a license each year. The building, as well as the staff and children are inspected by the Fire Marshall each year. We hold monthly fire drills. Each of our staff members is certified in first aid and CPR. We offer breakfast, lunch and two snacks to the children.

West Nottingham also provides a safe, supervised, fun environment for the school-aged children. The before and after student is offered breakfast and a snack after school. Kindergarteners are also given a hot lunch. Students are given the opportunity to do their homework each day with plenty of time left to socialize with their friends. We offer a full day program in the summer. This program is more structured. Summer activities include science, cooking, arts and crafts, games and reading. The day also includes outdoor play with one week of swimming at the academy. This is supervised by a life guard and staff. Full day programs are available on professional days, some holidays, and spring break.

We believe in an open door policy here at the Center. Please feel free to visit any time and observe our classes.

Call Janice Moore at 410-658-9797 or email

2020 Childcare Weekly Tuition Rates-
Full Day:
Part Day (5-l/2 hours or less):
$ 142.00
Before and After Elementary
Before and After:
$ 74.00

2020 Childcare Daily Tuition Rates-
Full Day
Part Day (5-l/2 hours or less)

if your child rides the bus to the pre-K offered at the elementary school, the cost is:
B & A AM or PM Pre-K:  $162.00
B AM Pre-K:  $74.00
After AM Pre-K: $142.00
Before PM Pre-K: $142.00
After PM Pre-K: $ 74.00
Preschool slot:
2/3 year olds only
$22.00 a day, 9:00-11:30 a.m.
This program follows the school calendar
10% discount for multi-child families

(information updated January 29, 2020)