Deacons and Elders

Elders are the elected leaders of our church. They serve for periods of three years on the governing body of the church, called the Session. Elders typically serve as chairpeople of committees, which supervise all work to be done.

Elders presently serving include:

Clerk of Session: Bill Standiford
Class of 2018:  Edith Bacon,  Harry Begg, Larry Stepnitz
Class of 2019:  Steve Bingham,  Lisa Lottes
Class of 2020: Seth Garvin, Bill Henderson, Toni Webb

Christian Education:  Lisa Lottes and Toni Webb, co-chairs
Finance and Investment:  Steve Bingham, chair
Mission: Steve Bingham and Sue Orndorf, co-chaisr
Personnel and Administration:  Bill Standiford and Harry Begg, co-chairs
Property:  Larry Stepnitz, chair
Worship:  Edith Bacon, chair

Mission Study Team:  Toni Webb and Lisa Lottes
Convener of the Officer Nominating Committee: Larry Stepnitz and Seth Garvin
Voting Delegate to NCP Meetings:  Sue Orndorf
Treasurer:  Janis Peters
Asst. Treasurer:  Patsy Simmers

Deacons assist elders by carrying out whatever service tasks need to be done.  They also visit the sick, attend those in need, and assist with pastoral care.  They also serve in classes of three year duration.

Presently serving Deacons include:

Class of 2018:  Laurelle Christie, Gloria Kilby, Joy Monroe
Class of 2019:  Karen Gulick, Connie Garvin, Sarah Deplitch
Class of 2020:  Margaret Begg, Kim Loman, Reba Riley

Moderator:  Joy Monroe
Funerals:  Sarah Deplitch, Margaret Begg
Treasurer:  Kim Loman